Best Car Scratch Removal Tips

8 September 2015
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It happens all the time, someone bumping their car door into your door, a child on a bike crashing into your car, a runaway grocery cart, any of these can put a serious scratch into your car. Anytime you can make the scratch better yourself, of course you'd want to. There are a lot of different products you can buy that can fix scratches and don't cost a lot of money. Here are the best scratch remover tips for your car.

Is it Really a Scratch?

Sometimes what looks like a scratch may just be a transfer of another substance on your car. You need to clean the scratched area anyway before trying to repair the scratch, so while doing this really try to scrub at the scratch to see if you can buff it out. It may come right off meaning you don't have to do any more work.

Small Scratches

For scratches smaller than a quarter of an inch, you can use a touch up pen. These can be bought at large supermarkets, auto stores, or online. Again, make sure the area is thoroughly clean then apply multiple layers of your car's paint color using the pen. It's best to only apply one layer per day to make sure it's completely dry and cured before applying another layer. Once you're sure you have the right thickness of color then you can use a car scratch varnish so it's shiny and matches the texture of the rest of your car.

Large Scratches

For larger scratch repairs, you can use vehicle paint in a container which will work better. You will be brushing the paint on using this method instead of a pen. If this doesn't work there is also auto spray paint. This can cover an even larger area of scratches and blemishes in your paint.

Paint Tips

Before you start painting with a pen or a spray can, test it out on a something else such as a piece of cardboard. Especially test out a spray can, because sometimes they can spurt out instead of giving an even spray. Only use a paint pen on very small areas. Always wear a mask; the fumes from these paints are very strong.

So don't despair the next time you get a scratch on your vehicle. They usually can be fixed for very little money and time and you will be left with a paint job that looks good as new. If you're looking for a professional paint job, visit Franks Auto Body Inc.