4 Car Detailing Services

11 January 2021
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It's a pleasure to step inside a brand new car. The floor is clean, and the seats are in excellent condition. The car smells fresh, and all the surfaces shine. Purchasing a new car might not be within your budget, but you can still make your existing car feel like new. Car detailing services can restore your car to excellent condition. Here are four services that are included in a car detailing package:

1. Car Wash

The first step to refreshing your car is washing it. The exterior of your car will be washed by machine or by hand. It will be carefully dried and polished following the car wash. Car wax will restore a lustrous shine to the exterior of your car. It will also form a protective coating that will protect your car from ultraviolet rays and rain. Cars that are waxed regularly are less likely to succumb to corrosion brought on by rust.

2. Auto Glass Cleaning

Once your car is clean, a technician will carefully clean your auto glass. They will clean the inside and outside of your car windows and windshields. Auto glass can accumulate dirt and smudges over time, especially if you have children who frequently touch the glass. Your car detailer will use a special glass cleaning fluid to wipe away sebum, dirt, and dust, leaving a beautiful shine.

3. Carpet And Seat Cleaning

Most cars have carpeting in their footwells. This carpeting can be a pleasure to step into, but over time, it can become dirty and stained. When you have your car detailed, technicians will clean your carpet. They will begin by vacuuming your car seats and floor, using a nozzle attachment to get into every nook and cranny. Once all the debris has been vacuumed out of your car, your technician will perform deep cleaning using a shampoo machine. Your car seats and carpet will be shampooed and dried with a wet vacuum. Shampoo service can remove stubborn odors from your car.

4. Leather Cleaning

Some cars utilize leather, especially on high-touch surfaces like handles and dashboards. Leather can become stained and dull over time. A car detailer can restore your leather by cleaning and polishing it. First, a technician will use a leather-safe soap to remove dirt, oils, and stains from the surface of your leather. Next, they will apply leather polish to seal your leather and prevent future stains.

If you want your car to look like new, contact a car detailing service near you.