How To Fix Small Auto Paint Chips

24 September 2015
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Chips and dents in your car body can be very unfortunate. Many people choose to ignore small holes in their auto paint because they are hardly noticeable. However, over time even the smallest holes in your paint can lead to more serious problems down the road. A small hole can let in moisture and eventually lead to rusting and the deterioration of the metal. This is why it is so important to keep your auto paint sealed at all times. This article explains how you can fix small paint chips on your own.

Sanding Around the Hole

The first thing you need to do is prepare the area that is damaged. Before you patch it, you need to sand a small perimeter around the hole. This lightly roughs up the surface so the patch will stick better. You want to use wet sandpaper that is specifically designed for autobody surfaces. This is just like normal sandpaper, except it is softer, with higher grit. It also, as the name implies, needs to be wet when sanding. Lightly sanding a small circle around the hole will rub off the glossy coat of the existing paint and leave behind a surface that is more conducive to the autobody patch.

Patching the Hole

Autobody filler is a putty that is easy to work with, but it does dry quickly. So, you might want to practice spreading it on a scrap piece of metal before you try to patch the holes on your car. The key to patching small holes is to just use your finger. If you try to use a putty knife, you will create a bigger mess. Just push the putty firmly into the hole and spread it smoothly. Next, you will need to get the sandpaper back out and sand the dried patch to make it perfectly smooth.

Painting the Patch

Painting the patch is simple as long as you have the right product. For the best results, get factory replacement paint from the dealership. Most dealerships sell small touch-up cans that are designed for this type of job. They even have a small spreader that allows you to apply the paint smoothly.

Once the paint has dried your car body will be sealed again. It will be waterproof and protected against rusting. If you spot and repair small holes before they become problematic, you wille dn up saving yourself time and money.

Visit a professional for more sever collision repair.