What To Do After An RV Accident

6 November 2015
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If you're in an accident while driving an RV, the process is only a little different than a regular auto accident. Here are the steps to take if you are involved in an RV crash. 

Move Your RV Off the Road

While you are waiting to clear up the details of your accident, it's especially important to move your RV to a safe place off the road. Not only can your large vehicle impede the flow of traffic, but it may be more vulnerable to getting hit if it's taking up most of the roadway. Smaller cars may be able to simply pull off onto the shoulder, but if your car isn't disabled you may do well to move it completely off the road and put on the parking brakes. 

Write Down the Details

Like with any auto collision, the next step is to collect information from both parties. Check for even small injuries and signs of damage on both cars. If you can come to an agreement about who caused the accident, this can speed up the insurance claims. Report your findings to the police so that they have it in their legal records as well. Once you return home safely, start the insurance claim process right away while the details are still in your mind; it can take a while to get the ball rolling on investigating your reports. 

Visit an RV Collision Repair Center

Finding the right repair center can be difficult, but it's a good idea to seek out RV collision repair centers, such as Chehalis Collision Center, specifically. If you visit a shop that focuses on RV repairs, you'll have confidence that the mechanics know how to handle the unique parts of an RV. You may also be able to get speedier service if they already have a variety of RV parts on hand. 

Brush Up on Large Vehicle Skills

An RV does handle differently than a regular 4-passenger car on the road. For instance, you have to learn how to handle turns with such a wide vehicle. You may have a changed sense of depth perception and have trouble judging how far away your large vehicle is from smaller cars. If getting in an RV accident has ruined your confidence in driving your RV, there are courses that you can take for driving large vehicles. These schools can give you the tools you need to adjust between large and small vehicles.