Tips For Caring For Your Car's Paint

13 February 2016
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A person's car is often one of the most important possessions that a person can. In addition to being a reliable source of transportation, it can also serve as a status symbol. Unfortunately, many people may not be aware of the type of maintenance that auto paint can require. This lack of knowledge can cause some drivers to make serious errors when it comes to caring for their car's exterior. For those that are unsure of auto body maintenance, the following two tips may help them to avoid some of the more common sources of auto paint damage.

Rinse The Car's Exterior Every Few Days During The Winter

Many people are aware of the importance of cleaning a car's exterior to remove dirt and pollen. However, it is common for drivers to underestimate the threats that can be posed by deicing chemicals. These chemicals can be invaluable for keeping winter roads safe for traveling. However, these chemicals can get on the surface of a car's paint where they can cause severe damage to the paint and corrosion to the car's body.

Avoid this type of damage will require you to regularly rinse the car during the months where deicing chemicals are used. You can easily do this step by using a garden hose to spray the sides of the car or you can use a sponge to vigorously scrub these chemicals clean.

Remove Tree Sap

As the spring months start to arrive, the trees in your yard may start to produce large amounts of sap and pollen. Unfortunately, the sap can drip onto your car from branches, and while this might not seem like a serious problem, it can cause major damages to the paint when the sap fully dries. This occurs because it will firmly bond to the car's exterior, and this can lead to permanent discoloration and even peeling of the pain.

Luckily, removing tree sap can be a relatively simple task to do. Drivers will need to apply a specially formulated degreasing agent that is designed for use on auto bodies. These substances can be purchased from most auto supply stores, and they can make removing stubborn tree sap a much simpler task for car owners.

Ensuring that a car looks as good as possible will require you to have a thorough understanding of the various threats that can strike a car's paint job. By appreciating the need to rinse the car during the winter months and the benefits of using an auto degreaser to remove tree sap, car owners can keep their vehicles safe from these common sources of auto body damage. To learn more, contact a company like Space Age Auto Paint Store