How To Preserve Your Vehicle's New Paint Job

10 January 2019
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Are you planning to get your vehicle painted? If so, the choice is likely related to auto body repair needs due to an accident, or you may want to have your vehicle painted to improve its physical appearance. Either way, it is imperative that you understand how to take care of the exterior of your vehicle to ensure that the paint job lasts. This is because a quality paint job on a vehicle is an investment. The longer you can extend the paint job, the better off you are. The following points will help you to understand ways to preserve your auto paint.

Park Uniformly

Some drivers do not realize that parking incorrectly can result in their cars getting dinged, which can mean dents or scratches on their doors. If a vehicle is not pulled into a parking space correctly, another vehicle can also damage the fender. Unfortunately, some drivers will "hit and run." This means that your precious new paint job will need to be fixed by you.

Promptly Remove Debris

There are numerous types of debris that the exterior of vehicles come in contact with. Some of the more common types are bird excrement and mud. If these substances are allowed to stay on the body of a vehicle, they can cause damage to the paint. Exercise caution when parking under trees. Avoid it if you can. This is because some trees bloom at certain times of year and may shed their blooms or berries, which can also damage a paint job. Birds dwell in trees, and that can expose your vehicle to unnecessary risk of bird excrement. Tree sap is another potential paint hazard depending on the time of year.


One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of a new paint job is to ensure that you wash your vehicle on a regular basis. You also should consider getting your vehicle waxed. This removes minor scratches and enhances the paint.

An auto body repair shop is a good resource to use to understand more about the importance of preserving your vehicle's paint. In some cases, repeatedly painting a vehicle's exterior could impact the value of the vehicle. There could be other issues too. This is why it is best to choose professional auto body professionals for your painting needs. They will know the best methods to utilize to ensure that the outcome does not appear shoddy. Most auto body repair shops can also match a vehicle's current paint, which means that a full paint job may not be necessary if the paint service requested is due to a collision.