Inspecting Your Auto Body Repairs And Blending Paint Finishes To Make Damage Less Noticeable

4 February 2020
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When your car has been in an accident, you are in a hurry to get repairs done. The problem with this is that damage can get overlooked. Therefore, you want to inspect repairs to make sure that everything has been done. You may also want to blend paint to hide the repaired areas and make the damage less noticeable. The following guide will help you with the inspection of repairs and blending paint to hide them:

1. Look for Imperfections on Paint and Test Doors

When you have had auto body repairs done, the first thing you want to look for is imperfections in the painted finish, which could show signs of damage that still needs to be repaired. You will also want to test the doors, hood, and trunk or hatch to ensure they all work and that there is no frame damage that still needs to be repaired.

2. Test Your Alignment for Suspension Problems

When you have auto body repairs done after an accident, one of the things that you may have overlooked is the suspension damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to take your car for a test on the road after repairs to ensure that it is driving straight to ensure an alignment or suspension repairs are not needed.

3. Check the Bumper Covers and Any Trim

The bumper covers and trim on the body of your car often are damaged during accidents and need to be replaced. Sometimes, the damage is less visible, and there may only be a plastic rivet or fastener that has broken. Therefore, you want to check all these parts to make sure they are not loose when you have the auto body repairs done.

4. Look for Visible Changes in the Color of Paintwork

Lastly, you will want to inspect the paint to make sure that the new and original finishes match. If there is a big difference in the tone of the colors, then you may want to talk to the auto body repair shop about doing a completely new finish. If the paint repairs are minor and closely match, buffing and waxing the repaired area will help blend it into the original paint to make repairs less noticeable.

These are some tips to help you with inspecting the repairs that have been done to your car after an accident. The best way to avoid problems and ensure that your car is repaired right is to contact a professional auto body repair shop from the start. Contact a company like Prime Body & Paint to learn more.