Steps To Take When Buying Military Spec Coatings

29 March 2021
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Military spec coatings are used for a lot of applications and not strictly for military purposes. That's because these coatings have a lot of durable properties. If you're looking to buy some, take these steps so that you have success. 

See What Type of Surfaces Are Supported

Even though military spec coatings can be applied to a lot of things, they can have a particular surface type that they're intended for. You want to see what this is prior to purchasing so that you can ensure application is going to go smoothly and the coatings hold up for a long time.

For instance, if you're setting up these coatings on the inside of a vehicle, then you want to make sure interior surfaces are approved for the coatings you buy. Whereas if you're looking to apply military spec coatings to the exterior where harsher elements will be at play, exterior surface support should be provided.

Choose Right Amount of Gallons

It truly does matter that you get the quantity amount right with military spec coatings. They come in different gallon sizes and that affects the price a lot. Being accurate with this estimation can help you ensure there is enough for application and not too much to where money is wasted.

Review the project that is utilizing military spec coatings and get an idea of the surface dimensions. Then you can properly estimate an optimal gallon amount for these coating products. You may also want to order slightly more coatings just in case you use more during application than you originally planned for.

Analyze Shelf-Life

Once these coatings are applied to structures and surfaces, they can hold up for a long time. However, when they're inside a paint can or tub, there is a shelf-life involved. It could be several years or shorter, but you want to find out what this is so that you're able to truly get the most out of your coatings. 

If you plan on using the coatings much later on after the initial application, it might be smart to go with a longer shelf-life. Whereas if you're using all of the coatings in one application, shelf-life may not be much of a concern.

You can add military spec coatings to a lot of surfaces, from tanks to boats. Just make sure you have a pretty good buying guide put together so that this product makes a difference. 

Contact a local mil spec coating supplier to learn more.