Five Reasons Why Your AC Might Not Be Working after a Car Accident

26 September 2022
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A car air conditioning unit operates by passing air through the evaporator core. This evaporator core is found inside the dash of a vehicle. However, if something goes wrong with this process, your car will no longer be able to keep you cool. If your car was damaged after an accident and you are not able to use your air conditioner afterward, it makes sense to contact an auto repair shop for help.

1. A Refrigerant Leak

For the air conditioner to be working properly, it needs refrigerant. If your AC is leaking refrigerant, you are most likely to find the leak in the AC unit hose. The damaged hose will need to be replaced or the technician will use a special sealant to stop the hose from leaking. The refrigerant will also need to be replaced after the source of the leak has been fixed. 

2. A Broken Condenser

The condenser might become broken and this might prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly. The condenser is responsible for re-cooling the refrigerant after it has been compressed. You will first want to check to make sure that the condenser is not blocked because the condenser relies on airflow to be able to cool the refrigerant. 

If you determine that the condenser is not blocked, the issue might be that the condenser is broken. It might have become damaged as a result of your car accident. If anything punctures the grill of the car, this can lead to the condenser becoming damaged. When the condenser has become damaged, the only thing that can usually be done about it is to have it replaced by an auto repair shop.

3. A Broken Blend Air Door

The AC blend air door might not be working correctly. This is a component that is meant to control the climate of your car. Fortunately, it's easy and inexpensive to have the blend air door replaced.

4. Damaged Wiring

The car accident might have damaged the electrical wiring and this might interfere with the ability of your AC to function properly. The wires will have to be inspected to make sure that none of them are damaged or frayed. Any damaged wires that are found should be replaced.

5. A Broken Fan

An AC unit relies on fans to circulate chilled air. If the fans have become damaged by the car accident, they will need to be replaced. Once the underlying problems are corrected, your AC unit should start to work again.

To have your car inspected, contact a local auto repair shop today.