Was Your Vehicle Smashed In A Hit And Run? Get These Estimates To See If Its Worth Repair

8 December 2022
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If your car was smashed in a hit-and-run and you are worried about the cost of repairs, especially since you don't have another driver's insurance policy to rely on, getting an estimate is the first step. You need to go to an auto collision repair shop to see what repairs are needed on the outside of the car, and possibly under the hood.

Safety should be your top concern when having the vehicle repaired. Here are some of the estimates that you will need, and considerations to make when you are deciding if you want to fix the car.

Mechanical Repairs and Concerns

The vehicle will need a full mechanical inspection. In the inspection they will check for damaged mechanical components under the hood, leaking fluid, compromised safety, alignment issues, and more.

You can't see what damages there are mechanically from the outside of the vehicle, and if the vehicle is too damaged to drive, this can make it even more difficult to determine what is wrong. The professionals will hook the vehicle up to their diagnostic testing machines and get quick answers.

Auto Body Repairs

Repairing the exterior of the car properly is necessary not only to restore the value of the vehicle, but also to ensure the frame and alignment of the vehicle are correct. If they aren't, and if you drive without the necessary repairs, you put your vehicle at risk of:

  • The frame caving in
  • Windows out of place and cracking or breaking
  • Compromised vehicle control
  • Braking problems

You need the frame of the vehicle to be back to manufacturing quality. Physical damages like scratches, dents, and other flaws should also be repaired to restore the value of the vehicle. Get an estimate to make the vehicle look brand new again.

A police report should be filed right away when someone hits you. If there is surveillance in the parking lot or area where you were hit, this will be ideal for your insurance company. Make sure to submit lots of pictures when you file your insurance claim, especially if you don't have any video of the hit and run.

You want to make sure your vehicle is restored properly and safe to drive, especially if you have a loan on the vehicle. Look at the cost to repair your vehicle, and talk with your insurance provider to see if they agree to repair the vehicle, or if they think it should be considered unsalvageable.