Squeak! A Guide To The Noises Your Brakes Make

8 October 2019
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Cars can make a lot of noise, but unusual or unexpected noises are often parts of your car trying to tell you that trouble is on the way. You rely on your car's brakes to bring your vehicle and its occupants to a safe stop, so it is particularly important to heed the warning signs of brake failure. While most people associate brake noises with the distinctive squeak of a worn-down pad, that's not the only sound that can originate from your braking system. Read More 

Chunks O’ Bumpers! When Collisions Take Pieces And Parts, And How To Get Them Back

6 June 2019
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In most auto collision situations, the things that are often wrecked the worst and go missing are the bumpers. If someone hits you from behind, you might lose your rear bumper. If someone hits you from behind, causing you to hit the person ahead of you, and you lose both back and front bumpers. If you are the person who hits someone, your front bumper goes. What you are often left with is this sheared-off, half-gone to mostly gone eyesore on the front and/or back end(s) of your vehicle. Read More 

How To Preserve Your Vehicle’s New Paint Job

10 January 2019
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Are you planning to get your vehicle painted? If so, the choice is likely related to auto body repair needs due to an accident, or you may want to have your vehicle painted to improve its physical appearance. Either way, it is imperative that you understand how to take care of the exterior of your vehicle to ensure that the paint job lasts. This is because a quality paint job on a vehicle is an investment. Read More