Was Your Vehicle Smashed In A Hit And Run? Get These Estimates To See If Its Worth Repair

8 December 2022
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If your car was smashed in a hit-and-run and you are worried about the cost of repairs, especially since you don't have another driver's insurance policy to rely on, getting an estimate is the first step. You need to go to an auto collision repair shop to see what repairs are needed on the outside of the car, and possibly under the hood. Safety should be your top concern when having the vehicle repaired. Read More 

Five Reasons Why Your AC Might Not Be Working after a Car Accident

26 September 2022
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A car air conditioning unit operates by passing air through the evaporator core. This evaporator core is found inside the dash of a vehicle. However, if something goes wrong with this process, your car will no longer be able to keep you cool. If your car was damaged after an accident and you are not able to use your air conditioner afterward, it makes sense to contact an auto repair shop for help. Read More 

Restoring Minor Paint Damage To Your Car

6 July 2022
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Exterior paint damage is a problem that most car owners will eventually experience. Often, these damages are in the form of small chips and cracks that could form on the surface of the car's paint. Automotive Paint Protects The Exterior Of Your Car Against Rust The quality of your car's paint can directly impact the appearance of the vehicle. However, it may also play a role in determining the structural integrity of the car's exterior. Read More 

Bumper Cover Or Bumper—What’s The Difference?

24 March 2022
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Modern vehicles are highly sophisticated machines, and that extends to seemingly simple components like front and rear bumpers. While bumpers once protected your car from low-speed impacts, they now play a critical role in mitigating collision damage, protecting vehicle occupants, and even helping pedestrians to survive collisions. However, there's more than meets the eye to this part of your car. The part of your vehicle that you probably identify as your bumper is just a cover, and most of the meat sits underneath and hidden from view. Read More